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i had a fantastic year of exchange, met some wonderful people, made some excellent life-long friends and have a year of memories, so many that i've documented. i am rich, in almost all meanings of the word - i am so grateful to my parents for how hard they work and what i have, grateful that i am able to live a comfortable life and have everything i could ever wish for. i have more friends than i can keep track of and all of them are genuine and i am lucky to have made so many meaningful connections in my short lifetime.

i know i'm sad for the end of something that was incredible, something that was bringing real value and joy to me. i'm trying not to hurt too much but it's hard when i have learnt that so many of my friends are hurting too, in their own ways. (2017 seems to be the year of depression and anxiety. surprise!) today, i cried spontaneously three times, some times for a reason, other times because i was too overwhelmed with emotion or just tired of keeping the emotions at bay. it's tiring having feelings.

so it's a bit much. and i'm trying to love myself, trying to do the best i can.

"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage."
Lao Tzu

i have known for a long time that i am blessed, lucky, spoilt. i draw upon all my reserves of strength to give me courage to heal and one day, hopefully, love again.

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