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I've been hanging out on Pinterest lately, come be my friend if you have one. As for actual things that have to do with my real life, it's crunch time at uni (isn't it always??????), but I've landed an exciting new job opportunity in my industry and I'm all kinds of nervous but excited about it.

I've been learning to manage my time better (it's an absolute necessity these days), so the stress levels have been.. manageable. I'm not as stupid as I was in first year, which is an interesting revelation. I've also been thinking about writing a letter to my high school English teacher. I'm finding my own place in the world slowly, gradually, and my own voice as well (I've been pretty vocal on Twitter lately).

I'm counting down the days to when I'll be announcing the cessation of this blog. It'll happen, just a matter of when — but don't worry loyal followers, I'm thinking of moving it to my new website. (Have I already mentioned that?) The world is truly to start to open up! I'm running on about 4.5 hours sleep but am somehow mustering a kind of lethargic excitement about that. Much love! xo

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