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Hello, friends! A proper post has been long, long overdue, but in the meantime, if anyone even checks up on this place, I'd love if you could help me out. At the moment for my journalism subject we're all split into groups to create niche online publications; ours is called Due West Sydney which focuses on the emerging arts and culture scene in Western Sydney.

An investigation into how the people of Western Sydney use art and culture to express the challenges affecting their community, and as a potential agent for change.

We will tell the stories of individual people and groups who contribute to the evolving cultural landscape of the West.

Over the semester we'll be creating a lot of audio, video and written content that'll shed light on the booming creative community in Western Sydney. Ideally, our publication will connect the community with artists as well as their work, allowing for powerful storytelling to speak for itself.

DUE WEST shines a light on the booming arts and cultural scene in Western Sydney -- a part of our city more commonly known for its socioeconomic and racial challenges than its studios and galleries.

We offer a platform to showcase how people in the West are using art and culture to articulate, challenge and cope with the unique issues facing the region and how its myriad cultures are changing. In doing so, we offer a fresh perspective on a sometimes typecast community.

We're not just marked on our content, though — we're marked on our stats as well! So that'll mean engagement, hits and views with our social media pages, as well as our main website which launches 22 May. I'd love for you guys to get on board - my group is absolutely incredible and all much smarter and much more talented than I :P, so you can expect some pretty high-quality stuff coming your way. What's more is that we all believe in what we're doing - we're surrounding ourselves with creatives passionate about what they do and it's a great environment to be in. There's a lot of change yet to come to Western Sydney, and it's increasingly becoming defined for its developing arts culture. They're just getting into the swing of things; we're proud to be the first publication to focus exclusively on the creative community in Western Sydney.


Launching May 22nd.

Website: http://www.duewestsydney.com
Facebook: Due West Sydney https://www.facebook.com/duewestAU
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/duewestsydney
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/duewestsydney
Email: duewestsydney@gmail.com

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