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i turned 21 and my god so many things went wrong but on the other hand i am so overwhelmed by love at the moment. lots of conflicting emotions im dealing with inside me. someone help

uni starts in like 7 hours and 16 minutes im not ready

my friends are actual angels. // EDIT // ok it's 1:30 the next day and I spent my first class back at uni this year on my phone editing photos.

I was spoilt absolutely silly yesterday, yumcha-ing in the morning with mumma before we headed to Westfield and shopped for ages and I bought much more than I intended to (including my birthday outfit) (which I did intend to buy) (yes I am a very last minute kind of person). Then my friends came over as I was getting ready and gave me a massive bouquet of flowers which is currently finding a nice home on the centrepiece of my coffee table.

The view? To die for. Thankyou, weather gods, for being so kind. And thankyou most of all to my fantastic friends who make me happy to be growing older and making new memories with them ♡

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