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So far, we're only about 19 days and 13 minutes into the new year and it's already been a very, very tumultuous ride. I got a new job sort-of, almost-not-really got kicked out of home, bought an insane amount of things, witnessed the slow, slow death of almost all of my technology within my possession, temoprarily (I hope) lost the privilege to drive my(??) car, taken to answering the question "How have your holidays been?" with a short but satisfying "Busy but productive, do you know what I mean?" and spent my days with a number of wonderful people.

I've been taken to/forced to finally clean my juvenile little room and my creative juices have been flowing powerfully through me lately, which has resulted in this visual vomit that has taken me approximately 17 times too long to put together.

I tend to find that a lot of minimalist interior design porn tends to be really cold, really sparse and really empty. The ironic thing is that while I do really love minimalism, my own room is anything but; I am notoriously, wickedly and unforgivably lazy and a hoarder. So I'm trying to forcibly hurtle myself out of one era and into another, and that means a lot of time spent thinking about what my future room is going to look like. As a result, my hashtaginteriordesignporn hashtagmoodboard had to include an idea of what a real space would look like — with, you know, things in it.

I have a huge design post that I've been working on for ages, but I think I'll publish that on my new website when I finally get round to updating the content and launching it. Aren't you guys proud of me? I blogged twice in a month!

Sleep well, angels! xo

(All images from Pinterest/somewhere on the internet.)

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