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I know I literally just blogged about this. I'm usually not one for branded things — I'm not too keen on always following fads or trends or whatever's currently in style (cough, looking at the Prada Saffiano and later the cheaper alternative Michael Kors Selma [not that they're NOT gorgeous]) — but I can't help myself. The New York boutique label Dagne Dover Tote has invariably and inescapably caught my eye, my heart, my soul.

Surely it is God's ultimate answer to all handbag conundrums (the "two-bag schlep") of every working woman ever. The more I prowl through Google, the more genuinely in love I fall. (It doesn't hurt that it looks designer, as well. A little like a cross between the Saffiano and the Antigona perhaps?)

It's more than the aesthetics, though, although that's certainly more than enough. I'm totally enamoured by the way they're totally honest about their production ethics and decisions as seen in this interview with EcoCult. It really makes a difference when you, the customer, can see the company as people with a particularly successful vision.

The ridiculously good looking people behind the ridiculously perfect bag

But it's just my luck — I found out just now that the Onyx is sold out. It wasn't a few days ago. I have no idea what on earth I was waiting for.

Once it comes back in stock though... Just you wait.

I also found out you could get it monogrammed with your initials as well.

What's it called when you fall in love with inanimate objects? Sigh.

P.S. Disclaimer: Photos are, obviously, not mine. I wish. One day I'll be taking photos of my own DD Tote though, and you'll all hear about it

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