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I swear I spend most of my year waiting for this. Anyway, my finals for this year were particularly dramatic - I had an essay and an exam on the same day, culminating an especially unproductive all-nighter during which I went to uni at 4am, was far too cold, watched the sun rise far too quickly, wrote far too few words, waited for Penny Lane in Building 11 to open for breakfast, crammed right up to the last minute of the exam and proceeded to be unpleasantly surprised at how difficult the Chinese exam was compared to others. Though I was bone-tired and my essay was yet to be written, I had a charming yumcha with my Chinese class, and the rest of the day was a sleep-deprived haze.

The following days consisted of lots of filming for my final journalism assignment (video format, obviously), wherein I encountered minor setback after minor setback (too many, too exhausting to detail). This entire semester alone I have spent way too many nights at uni way too late; later than I care to admit. One happy incident that resulted from all of this was the fact that a location I was filming at was the National Arts School, where I got to catch up with my darling high school friend Belle who studied at NAS. I also visited for the first time ever Sculpture by the Sea, and at this point I was so tired I actually crashed at Shawn's before roping him in to come film with me. Cheers lad, I owe you so many. (So many. Several of my interviews happened to be in his area, so I drop by only to drink his tea and eat cheese toasties and he is the perfect host and friend about it all. U DA REAL MVP SHAWN.)

I didn't finish my essay for six days. And when I did, Robert dearest helped me reference 90% of my sources because apparently he couldn't stand my complaining. During the time he did 9 sources I did about 2... Woops. OH WELL, I promise it's always more fun to do someone else's references rather than your own, I swear. #spoilt

I can't wait to go SxS next year!!! And Night Noodle Market, for that matter. I'll never forget the heartbreaking moment when I realised that the cups of golden liquid everyone was drinking out of, with the tantalising outer shell of delicate condensation, was in fact not apple juice but beer. :'(

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