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I very recently upgraded my net to 500 gigs a month (which I'm sure is more or less standard for all of you guys), but before now I only had 25gigs a month. I shit you not. On occasion, I used to go to my friends' houses to steal their internet. So the following photos are just a celebration of the fact that I'll probably never get capped ever again. ^_^ (nek minnit)

ZheJiang University, Hangzhou China.
Where I'm going to be spending most of my time during 2016! I leave late February. I wonder if it'll be before or after my birthday.. I hope after.

Wassup Mao how's it goin'

I am, of course, only blogging because I have a looming assignment. Seems to be the only time I have a few minutes to spare for my blog these days.. Not that I'm being super productive in the meantime, watching Big Bang Theory reruns while I eat and Korean variety TV show Running Man whenever I can. (I'm not even going out to eat because of how poor I am right now. No joke.)

Perhaps I've simply run out of words.

Beautiful Guilin, Guangxi China

At this current point in time (sitting sideways on my couch at 10:15PM, Sydney time [I never remember the EST time zone crap]), I'm feeling sort of apathetic about my career in journalism. Or journalism in general. I usually write it off as just my mood, or that I'm tired. The 24 hour news cycle gets tiring - de Botton is right; everything and absolutely nothing is happening, all the time. I need to get away from everything I think I should be doing and remember what it is I really enjoy. And do it.

I've been praying a little more lately. Funnily enough, God is the only thing I never get tired of thinking about or talking to. My conception of Him is still vastly underdeveloped - I really do wonder sometimes if I may be simply talking to myself, that I am perhaps deluding myself in creating this 'Being' who brings me psychological comfort because I feel no guilt in releasing my feelings and thoughts upon him. But only a very small part of me thinks that. Most of me thinks He's real, feels Him there.

I was walking through Central tunnel a few days ago on my way to uni and I noticed the music buskers doing their thing as usual. Everything seemed defamiliarised to me; often the music has an effect on how I feel - which is usually mellow or neutral - and my feelings will then be moulded by the music. This time, the music jarred disharmoniously with how I was already feeling. We rarely think of music as an imposition, and this led me to think in my self-absorbed sort of way about how the most world was absolutely oblivious to the internal storms raging inside all of us. This was a disgustingly melodramatic sentence.

People. I need people, my people. My family. I have a little fantasy of matching pajamas with my loved ones surrounding me in a huge bed that fits all of us and falling asleep next to each other. (forreal tho. i need one of those huge beds intended for orgies but just throw a huge slumber party instead)

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