23, Sydney AU


Before I have to wake up at a ridiculously early hour on Monday to leave for the Gold Coast, I must:
  • Chase people up for these interviews and file story
  • Go to the doctors and confirm if I have conjunctivitis once and for all (Update: I do. Apparently it's a common side effect of having a cold or whatever, which I've had for a week)
  • Edit one more JSOC article
  • Create a contacts list for all the contacts I've gathered over the . . . one-and-a-half years
  • Clean my room holy god
  • Cut my hair, because ..whatever's happening right now has been out of control for a good two months
  • OOoOoOoOoo read a bit more :3
  • Consider hitting the gym, like, maybe, y'know, since you're PAYING FOR IT
  • Charge camera and PACK!

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