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As the quote goes, you - we - are the result of billions of years of evolution. Stardust formed planets, which gave us Earth. And from there, something something carbon dioxide something water something formation of the earth that I'm sure I learnt about many times but have forgotten. From there, simple organisms evolved into complex organisms; the first forms of 'animals' swam around and probably came out of the water and then we had, I don't know, dinosaurs, and after all the ice ages and apocalyptic events that our Earth went through we are here, in the year 2014, a measurement of time created by humans. We went from cavemen wielding spears to men in white coats working in pneumatic clinical labs creating god-knows-what in their petri dishes, and we have Google Glasses, and we have ridiculous Prime Ministers who insist on tarnishing the name and reputation of Australians.

Billions of years of change, of evolution, of formation, of ice and fire and death, and we are here. After all this time, people like Amal Alamuddin grace the earth and justify all the pain it's taken to arrive at this point.

Let me give you the low-down on Amal Alamuddin (and also inadvertently tear down any shred of self-confidence you may have had remaining). She's a London-based British Lebanese international human rights lawyer and was schooled "at St. Hugh's College, Oxford" where she "she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Jurisprudence (Oxford's equivalent to the LLB) in 2000. The following year, in 2001, she entered New York University Law School to study for the Master of Laws degree." (Sorry, this was shamelessly ripped off from Wikipedia.)

If that's not enough, her clients include WikiLeak's Julian Assange and former Ukraine Prime Minister. She also advises the King of Bahrain. I don't know what and where Bahrain is, but there's a king, so that sounds pretty legit to me. She's only 36 years old.

If you're not as stunned as I am, her family is also perfect - her father was a professor of business studies at the American University of Beirut and her mother is the foreign editor of the Pan-Arab newspaper Al Hayat. Wiki also says "her grandmother was said to be the first woman graduate of the American University of Beirut."

Is that not enough for you? She also looks and dresses like a fucking superstar. She speaks English, Arabic and French fluently, and - oh, I should add this here as an afterthought - she's engaged to George fucking Clooney.

Goodness. I'm not sure any other 'woman crush' can compare. As a journalism student who is determined to have role models such as Penny Wong and Mehreen Faruqi and Aung Saan Syu Ki and Maya Angelou and not any members of some kpop group that go in and out of fashion on a seasonal basis, Amal Alamuddin seems to me like she's conquered the world.

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