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Off to brunch with dearest Qinalin, and then my Greens test (hence the makeup) / A selfie during sunset on Westfield's rooftop afterwards
Handing in my final essay. Holidays felt every bit as good as I thought it would.

In the week or so that I've officially been on holiday, I've crossed off a couple of things off my list that I really needed to get off my list. I finally - at the risk of my red Ps expiring - took and passed my Green Ps test; I scored a writing gig at a local independent newspaper in Sydney (they were looking for people, I didn't have to do much) and filed my first story earlier today! ^_^". On top of that, I had an amazing time at touch tonight; the energy was amazing. ♡

Here's to working towards the future, and appreciating the luxury that is semester holidays. xo

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