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I suffer from the tendency of making a lot of grand plans when I'm busy and waiting for the perfect moment to execute all these plans. In this case, I was compiling my list before midsems had even begun, but now that my short midsem break has officially arrived(!), a very familiar sense of lethargy is taking over me.

To be fair, it's 2:17 AM and I'm exhausted. *uncontrollable yawn escapes* *guys I actually yawned*

Anyway, watch this space. I'm going to be wasting a lot of my time catching up on various things (Game of Thrones [don't worry. I'm in the midst of downloading an episode as I type], Legend of Korra Season 2 [THIS CAME OUT AGES AGO], Dragonball [oh my god Master Roshi AND KRILLIN ARE DEAD] and apparently Breaking Bad). I'll also be scouring news sites, finally getting round to photoshopping photos, reconnecting with my second home (Rockdale Fitness First ♡) and 'fucking some food up', as a friend of mine puts it. Hopefully I have some time for my 'grand plans' in between there. ^_^"

Have a wonderful week everyone! Hopefully the gods bless us with wonderful weather. If not, that's okay too. I'm in a stay-in-bed-forever kind of mood anyway. xo

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