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I always pick the best days to blog, don't I? Blogging is my go-to distraction for when I have to hide from a huge mound of assessments and study that I need to invest my time and energy into.

But where's the fun in that? Here are a few random snaps I mindlessly edited for no real reason other than procrastination. Maybe this is my way of meditating.

Lately I've taken to the idea of studying at cafes and obsessively writing every single detail down in my dairy/scheduler. Someone passed around a box of fortune cookies in Chinese class last week and the little bit of paper inside my cookie told me I would not sow oats by turning it over in my mind . . . Or something to that effect. I should think less about what I have to do and do it!

Hope everyone's had a good week so far. It's Friday, at least! (Weekend! Study! Woop!)
Happy studying, lovers! See you after assessments are done. xo

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