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I had a wonderful day today. I got to get out of bed at 12, turned up to my Chinese class(!) on time(!!) and Yana was already there(!!!) and the class, I was happy to find, was not too far out of my depth. I had eaten a delicious nectarine on the train to class, had a ham and cheese croissant during the class, shared similar sentiments about un-melted cheese in toasted things with Yana, and eventually finished class. (Say class one more time) To which I was then subject to a one-hour commute home (fuck you Shittyrail/"Sydney Transport") before returning home and coming out for a sort-of-planned gym sesh with my m8 Ferlerp (Filip) before we went out to go get dumplings. And froyo! Both of which he had never tried before (WTF). We engaged in some lovely conversation (he hardly got to eat because his mouth was occupied with speech), and we stayed talking at Moochi until it closed.

I came home and had a wonderful shower (shout out to showers) and Skyped Qin and had a Very Good Talk. In the middle of this, my friend Matthew who was hosting 2SER Radio at the time was asking me to call up, so after I ended my call with Qin, I finally got round to calling Matt! As I was on air, I was chatting to Rob and told him to listen in. So he asked for a shout out and who am I to deny that?, and moments later we had managed to get Rob on air as well.

I haven't posted like this in a while! Posted about my day as it happened. It's nice! I'm elated. Sleep well, my pumpkins! xo

P.S. LVER stands for La Vie En Rose, my new favourite song (thanks to Rob, whose music taste is fascinating in how wide it ranges). I can already imagine myself slow-dancing to this song with my husband when we're in our seventies, in a tiny little wooden house with a mantlepiece filled with porcelain things and photographs of our children and a fireplace and a thick rug under our feet. (Apparently I'm also going to be living in a Western children's movie.)

P.P.S. Most of my blog titles are song names, or song lyrics!
P.P.P.S. It's now 4:26am. I am going to have to start seeking help soon.

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