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I'm exhausted. It's 2:25pm right now and I'm sitting here blogging from the AMG office in Bondi when I should be working on the story that needs to be done by Monday. But after that, there are (what I feel) a billion other things I need to do. I'm yawning, distracted, and tired. I shouldn't be complaining, and I'm not; this is just me expressing myself, right? (Who am I asking that rhetorical question to anyway?)

The brilliant light at the end of the tunnel for me is the trip to Forster I'm going on on Tuesday morning. For a week! With about fourteen other people!! I refuse to worry about anything on that trip - not about internships, about uni commitments . . . About anything. I'm really starting to connect with the idea that life is about experiences and about relationships. That's what matters most!

I'm happy to work hard. Work hard, party laze around with friends and eat good food hard. (I've officially lost the plot)

Have a wonderful weekend, pumpkins! J xo

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