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Dear Heavenly Father,

Give me the strength to be happy and grateful for all you have blessed me and my loved ones with. Show me how powerful Your Love is not when I am happy, but when I need it most. Remind me that my feelings do not equal the truth, even though they might colour reality for a moment. You have shown me more than ever lately that things can change at the drop of the hat, and now I pray that you may show me how Your Love is everlasting, unmoving, eternal.

Guide me, because I need Your guidance. Remind me that You are the only one I need.

I am yours

On a less religious note, here is some photospam of my day today hehe

Karloo Pools in NSW National Park, Heathcote
After an uncertain, bumpy morning in which Qin and I eventually forced ourselves out of bed at the ungodly hour of 11:15am, we had a (relatively) quick lunch at Manmaruya Hurstville before jetting off to Heathcote station and trekking it to Karloo Pools. Along the way I twisted my ankle which slowed me down a bit, but not by much I confess - I'm just really bad at hiking. It was worth it though, because it was such a lovely spot and the water was so refreshing!

Bodega Tapas Bar, Surry Hills

A long-overdue dinner with my beloved high school girls!!! (sans Lynn. I missed her presence) Aren't they beautiful!? Hehehe. Q and I rushed off to the city right after our Karloo Pools excursion, with me feeling uncomfortable in my still-damp bikini underneath my playsuit. Turns out we were early anyway (we had reservations for 6pm, which is when they open) and a line had already begun to form before their doors officially opened. The mark of a reputable food establishment!

As for Bodega itself, the service, atmosphere and quality of food were all very well done and made a wonderful dining experience. Unfortunately, for university students/not-quite-yet-real-adults we felt that the price tag was rather hefty. Everything else was essentially perfect and en point, though, so it's definitely not a bad review from me; I'm sure in a few years when I have a stable job and not living paycheck-to-paycheck I'll be singing different tunes about its price. Although with my experience with my own alcohol tolerance, I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to fully appreciate the insanely extensive wine menu - which went for days.

If you're happy to splurge some $$ on fine food with a good group of people, I'd definitely recommend this place! PROTIPS: Apparently they're quite strict about reservation times and having everyone there on time, so make sure you get that in order if you're visiting. I'd also recommend going as early as you can to enjoy the sun while it's out, since I think it gets quite dim as the night goes on. (But if that's your kinda thing, go hard buddy. Go hard.)

Good night everyone! I have work in a few hours so I really should go to sleep soon. My rolled ankle is still giving me grief though, I hope it gets better.. BECAUSE IF IT DOESN'T IT MEANS NO SQUATTING FOR ME!!!!!! #omg #plz #no #ok #goodnight #mwa #xoxo #ilovemyreaders #hehe

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