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I did mention in my rather recent post that I was thinking of starting a new, more professional blog. So in that process I've been thinking about the look of my blog and the header and the kind of posts I want to make, which led me to browse around the net and stumble upon Sarah Hankinson. She describes herself very simply as a "Melbourne based fashion illustrator". I don't know much about art (like, at all) but I love what she does!

She's even done stuff for Sydney(!) which I think is very awesome hehe..

She has a 2014 Calendar coming out. Who loves me, baby? Do I have any stalkers out there?????????? (No) I CREY. Anyway. Xmas is coming up and so is my birthday . . .

Oh - speaking of being inspired, check out where she works. It's this amazing space in Melbourne (OF COURSE IT'S IN MELBOURNE EVERYTHING AMAZING AND THOUGHTFUL AND ARTY AND CULTURED IS IN MELBOURNE. SYDNEY Y U DO DIS Y U SO TRASHY jk ily) called the Windsor Workshop, and it's so pretty it hurts.

For more of Sarah's stuff, this is her website, her tumblr, her shop, her Twitter and her Facebook page. xo
P.S. I know this is a different post from me, I don't usually blog about these things! I think.. o.o"

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