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Her Excellency, Queen Ant Tang Li, arrived on the shores of Sydney Harbour this evening to flip a coin and announce the Daily Reporter for RSI Group 18's Radio Bulletin.

The University of Technology, Sydney's (UTS) Radio Bulletin was a recently implemented live radio event for the journalism subject 'Reporting with Sound and Image.'

The Daily Reporter is chosen between a pair of students, who must speak live into the radio bulletin which is then aired on 2SER, the university's radio station.

The two candidates, Amelia Zhou (tails) and Jessica Yun (heads), were seen nervously chatting away as they awaited results, and camera crews surrounded them.

Ms Zhou, a Journalism and Law student at UTS, said she had never been as nervous in her entire lifetime.

"Omg have we decided yet. I'm so nervous. The anticipation is killing me."

However, Ms Yun, took a different approach to calm her nerves, citing 'anarchy' as an idea against Queen Li's thirty minute coin flipping delay.

"We don't need her. Let's just use the coin flip internet thing. ANARCHY! FUCK THE SYSTEM!"

Queen Li flipped the coin, landing on heads and crowned Jessica Yun the 2013 Daily Reporter.

This post has been brought to you by guest blogger/Queen Ant, Tang Li. Tweet Her Excellency at @tangabang1!

(P.S. The 'quotes' that Amelia and I are saying were actually comments on a facebook thread HAHAHA. Much study was done tonight)

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