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Uni's started again and work is definitely in full swing. Between that and gym, I haven't had time for much else, and I've neglected this blog for long enough! Time for an update. (Which means a lot of photos of food. Sigh)

28 September 2013. What felt like one of the longest nights in a while. I had had work on Saturday til 5, and Qin and Lynn were meant to join me to see Neel perform at the Comedy Store, but they were running late so I went to a random cafe and sat and a had a lonely salad on my own. When they arrived, there was a bit more waiting around for Anna, and we finally met up with some other friends before deciding to go to a late-night K-Town restaurant for some fried chicken and seafood pancake. Still a memorable night tho! (I liked Ivy!)

?? ?? 2013. Speaking of late nights, my parents were gone for a week so I tried to do as much as I could with my freedom while the cat was away. And with Terry being a temporary cripple, and with almost always at least half of us growing hungry as the night wore on... ..pizza was a no brainer. ^__^""

30 Sept 2013. Babe slept over LOL! All we did was watch Mulan 2 and make nachos wtf.

03 Oct 2013. Spontaneous Dural Crew brunch at Foodies / Lemon Lime Bitters and garlic pizzas at Amici Di Kogarah with Octofam. It was amazing to be with everyone again.. *sudden overwhelm of feels* ♡♡♡

04 Oct 2013. Party at John's. This is how you know you're about to step into an Asian house.

07 Oct 2013. Super unattractive photo of my leg and ridiculously huge bandaid LOL. Dropped a dumbbell on myself cause I'm a weak cunt

12 Oct 2013. Matt's birthday was a few days ago! So we celebrated at Opera Kitchen (YAY had been meaning to go there) and they serve the densest burgers and the best fries. Holy guacamole. The fries themselves were good, I got them with truffle and parmesan but I'm not the biggest truffle expert so I wasn't able to tell if they were there. But apparently it was. Meh. STILL CAN'T GO WRONG WITH PARMESAN ON FRIES DOE NOMSAYN? Oh and that last photo there is me being cheeeeezy on my lesbian lover Yana hehehe

Present time. LOTS OF EXCITING STUFF TODAY! My Eastbay order came and the bag I bought turned out to be way bigger than I had anticipated. I tried to fit into it to show how big it was but alas I didn't fit. Still too fhet. BUT my free runs came and THEY FIT AND HOLY SHIT THEY'RE THE BEST THINGS I'VE EVER HAD THE PLEASURE OF PUTTING ON MY FEET MYYYYGOD. Can you tell I like black and pink!? Hahaha. And plz excuse my unsightly thighs.. Work in progress!

Anyway, that's about it for now.. I've wasted more time than I was supposed to (duh) (as per usual) (what the fck else has changed). ANYWAY!!!!!!! I hope the rest of this sem goes well and I work hard.. Gah!

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