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Hi all. I'm currently in the middle of writing up my 1500 word report due later this evening but of course found myself on Blogger wtf. If you follow me on Twitter you'll probably have read all my whiny ass tweets about me freaking out because I suddenly realised how behind with all my uni work (blogging about this is not helping), but I had a sudden and short moment of clarity moments ago and realised that no matter what happens, I'll almost definitely pass at the very least (hopefully a credit, c'mon) and in less than a month this report won't matter to me anymore. I should be am thankful that my essays this semester are at most only a thousand and five hundred words, which is better than I could ever hope for - I absolutely don't think I could deal with essays more than 2.5k. (Maintaining a coherent structure in long essays is still a bit of a problem for me. I start to lose the plot about halfway and it's quite obvious)

Anyway, back to work. Every, friggin, time. I gotta learn to not be such a last minute student!!

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