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That is the sound I would make all day if I could. Dunno if my TOTM is approaching soon or what but I'm feeling extremely bummed out right now, completely unmotivated to do anything (not even eat. wtf) let alone power through my assignment.

But I will, because I must. Please, God, bless me with a lifetime's worth of luck for the next six days..

Edit @ 11:49PM
Not long after I published the words above, I got fed up and went to the gym for a BodyBalance class, came home and ate a lot more fish than I intended to, watched QandA (..but mostly on Twitter), witnessed Rudd's kickass comeback (and everyone tweeting like crazy afterward) and me finding my mood was lifted considerably :). Although things aren't going to always go right where me and assignments are concerned, I know I pull my head out of my ass every time and work at it, and each time I feel like I handle it a little better than last time. I'm learning to remove my emotions from my task - or, at the very least, find a good outlet for it to relax. (I was very fortunate that there was a BodyBalance class 20 mins after I had suddenly decided I wanted one, so that was great timing yay :D.) I'm ready to come back and work hard and go nuts!!! Despite everything, if I fail this assessment, it will be because of poor management and not because I didn't try my hardest to fix up my mistakes. If I fail I will simply do better next time. (Or kick some serious ass on NewsDay god help me)

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