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So it turns out I'm updating this space a little more than I thought, but they're shitty short updates that don't really give you anything. A quick catchup: I'm getting like four hours of sleep each night and likely for the next few nights ahead (I can't wait til this is over), I've spent far too much time in Charlie Lovett Central (all the huge wog baristas said bye to me when I left. That's how you KNOW they're actually noticing you're leaving because you've stayed far too long), I'm never going to stand in the middle of Central Station bus stops with a tripod and a video camera mounted on top of it and a microphone coming out of it and doing a freaking to a piece-to-camera (reporter holding a mic speaking directly at the cam) ever again. Or if I do have to do it I swear to god it better be because I'm getting paid for it.

Additionally, I have eaten not too much more than 1000 calories or so today not out of choice but just that's because how my body is deciding to work apparently; I'd also like to draw attention to my good, true friend Gabe who was beyond amazing for helping me through my first filming experience (catch him at @mr_poohbear [heheh CEO of his own one-man business but his twitter handle is adorable]); wasted a bunch of time alternating between laughing far too much at what social media has to offer (some of my friends have taken to going waaaaaaay back to old-ass posts from 2008 and 2009 on facebook and bringing them to the Facebook agenda, as it were. Thankyou Robert Tan) and downloading and listening to various different versions of Drake's Hold On, We're Going Home. Wow if you followed the structure of that sentence, I commend you.

(Because I am a goddess of the highest order, I have kindly provided YouTube links for you to listen to Pia Mia's cover, SoMo's rendition and the good ol' Drake original. You're welcome bbys. Not keen on listening to it? Ok your loss ;) Kudos to my lovely bf who introduced the song to me in the first place! x)

Oh - and I also made friends with someone I've never met before, through a friend I've never met before. Ain't it funny how life works out? (Litereally. We went from being almost total strangers at one point in the night to creating WhatsApp convos two or so hours later. The internet has done well today)

And here we are at the beginning again. I reeeeally don't know if I'll get more than four hours sleep tonight, if at all. If I don't fucking pass this stupid assessment, I swear to god I'm going to be so upset. (Keep in mind, my darlings, if ever you feel you're not bothered with something you know you have to do - some things are worth sacrificing sleep for.) ♡

P.S. Thankyou, weather, for being kind today. Thankyou also to the UTS' MediaLab equipment store staff who are always lovely. And for UTS staff from other faculties who always try to help a brutha(??) out if they need it. ^_^

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