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HI KIDS!! Back from snow, yes, and the reason I haven't immediately rushed to blog about it is because my dearest darling brother who I spoke so fondly of only last post CAPPED THE SHIT OUT OF ME. So I am actually blogging from my iPad again from uni wtf.

So, to refer to the contents of my last post again, I mentioned that I was worried about the trip and it turns out my guy feeling was right. On the first day of skiing, one of our drivers (Nessa) crashed her car into another's (Nik) (there were two nicks on my trip, Nik who is dating Sarah and Nick who is - yes); AJ got a fever like straight away and sat out the second day of skiing (I managed to convince her to stay after pointing out the fact that she didn't even want to get out of bed for breakfast. How was she going to ski??), others were injured too/felt sick/sore, and on the second last day, Nik had an accident with a skier early on in the day and hurt his back :(((.

Otherwise, though, I had fun!! The first day we went on the slopes was reslly REALLY bad weather; windy, super icy and cold, and the snow machines were on full blast if that wasn't enough. I was so miserable after that. So we took our rest day the very next day to avoid more of the same weather and luckily for us the rest of the week was fine!^___^ I also found that I was skiing a lot better as well - somehow my body had become much better at remembering the movements. Quite soon, I was skiing with the boys and keeping up (usually) instead of spending all my time at the bunny slopes, like I had imagined.

The house was really warm and cozy - N and I shared a room with AJ and Samson! Nick and I spent most of our time alternating his iPood (lol) between the two of us, playing Plants vs Zombies 2 which is free on the iPad WHICH I JUST DOWNLOADED MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHA. Thank god for wifi seriously.

Ok there are once again no photos to accompany this entry so I'm not sure if anyone is even reading anymore wtf. Uncapped in a week.. Not sure i can wait that long. :|

Uni is off to a pretty good start actually! This'll all change in a day tho LOL, so wish me luck! Thankyou to my loyal readers for sticking with me even though my layout is shit and I haven't been posting! Much love xoxoxoxoxo

PS. Since ive come back from snow it's been life as usual - somehow ending up spending every available day with Qin , gym (duh), eating clean (trollolol) and bickering with mum LOL. Oh - and I have work this weekend. Hallelujah! So poor!!

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