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And it ain't because I'm asian; I'm just tired, I swear! Hi kids, I'm back, sort of. Right now life is a mess of uni, work, gym and study.. Hard to know which one is ahead of the other right now, study or gym. I'd also like to say my social life isn't very active either but it's decided to make a cameo lately errrrr. Buuuuut yeah.

Honestly so exhausted wtf. I've also randomly decided to get back into Avatar (the Last Airbender - never the blue people) soooooooo that's also stealing my study time too.. #wtf #getyourfuckingprioritiesrightyunz

The other night, the footy team went and surprised Terry on his birthday. It was a relatively low-key event - we just ate food, hung out and had fun. We're playing our semi-finals this Monday - hey, that's really soon!!! Everyone is really nervous. Uni also got really serious really fast - we've only just finished the second week, but everything's really starting to kick in now. Assignment dates are looming once again and all my spare time will be spent either at the gym, at work or at home trying to desperately cram for my readings.

I was thinking about my blog today and just thinking about how seldom I blog now. I'd hate to not have time for it anymore - it used to be my baby..

Ah well. Much love, everyone! See you when I see you. This is not goodbye ;) xo

P.S. Oh, some photos from my trip to JINDABOYNE MOYTE for y'all to brighten up this sad sad lonely page

Omg bubz is so famous now

Cheesing it up :))

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