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Having a random, albeit tentative, epiphany that's been marinating in my mind for a while. I think I know what I'd like to do - for my career, that is - I'd like to be a journalist or reporter or someone that has something to do with an INGO (international non-government organisation). I think I've always known that I want to work in a field that can genuinely help make the world a better place (now you know I'm being totally serious right now because no self-respecting adult would say that as a joke), and so hopefully I find a advocacy group or a cause that I really believe in and I can make a difference with what I write. Very idealistic dreams, I know, but aim high right? And this is a dream worth fighting for, and a dream that's actually achievable (I hope).. Just have to work hard!

(Just doing my readings right now for my Global Politics subject. It's nice to be at home studying once in a while. I've taken to scheduling all my movements of the week - down to the quarter hour - on my iPad calendar and it's helped tremendously, even if I do spend a little too long on it. [I OCD on the weirdest things])

I've only just realised how much time I need to make for my readings though, especially since I totally skipped my week 2 readings and am still trying to catch up!!

P.S. A babelicious friend of mine created a blog header for me. I can't wait to finish editing a blogskin so I can finally put it up!! Still trying to find the time though, be patient with me please! x

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