23, Sydney AU


Let's not lie, this blog is just a place to ensure the photos I take don't go to waste.

Saw bubbles briefly for a day after I came back from Melbourne since I knew I wouldn't have much time with him once I'd come back. So um.. Yes.. These are some car selfies from that day rofl

Whaddup Manly Beach! (So.. not really my hood then? But it's Sydney and it's home, even on a gloomy Winter day ^^")

Kissing turtles!!!!!!!!!!

We went to the Manly Sea Life Sanctuary that day because dad saw an ad in this Chinese travel brochure of Sydney and saw a picture of sharks and he really likes sharks apparently LMAO. There were the most adorable penguins there ^_^

I've been taking brother around my hood (my actual hood), showing him what do, eating where I eat :3. I have introduced to him the beautiful place of awesomeness that is the gym and shown him what real Australia has to offer (OK WHEN U R IN AUSTRALIA U EAT AUSTRALIAN CUISINE ORITE It's only proper)

Gorgy-porg Brighton le Sands beach ^_^.

That's all for today! Got sick of looking at Melbourne photos haha, glad to have a distraction. I have some other (non-Melb) photos appearing on the collection soon so look out for that!!!!!!!!! Much love!! xoxo

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