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I have hardly been posting lately and my phone memory has just clogged right up with (even more) photos, dammit. Two days after I came back from Melbourne some important family friends (you know those family friends that are so close to you [even though you might not see them very often] they really do feel like extended family? Yup!) came down to Sydney so we had to entertain them for a week, halfway during which my brother also came to Sydney soooooo yeah there was a lot of going out every, single, day. So much so that I was actually quite exhausted after all of it and wanted a lazy day. I'd forgotten what it'd been like to be tired from going out.

Also, another thing has been taking up all my time (and it's not my boyfriend, although that'll change in a week when I go to snow..) and it's Game of Thrones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am THIS close to Red Wedding, friends. My bodeh is redeh. I am armed with tissues and a cozy bed COME AT ME :|.

I'm also currently in the process of forcing myself to photoshop photos sooooooo here, have some low-quality snaps that I've uploaded to Facey hahah

(This was the best fucking churro I've ever had in my lyf)

HOLY SHIT I HAVE TOO MANY PHOTOS. These aren't even a quarter of what I've uploaded onto Facebook so far, WHICH ISN'T EVEN HALF OF THE TOTAL OF WHAT I HAVE.............

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