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As of right now most of my family is in the living room, focused on different things; my father is playing ping pong against the wall, my brother is reading a chinese magazine on the sofa and I am typing this on my laptop in my computer chair. I'm waiting for N to come get me since we're leaving for the snow tomorrow (for a week!). For some reason.. I'm feeling nervous, like I'm expecting something bad to happen. My dad has warned me about driving up there and my friends (who just came back from snow ahah) have also said (in an off-hand, not-a-big-deal sort of way) to be wary of your joints if you're constantly skiing.

There's also the fact that my mum isn't home right now (she's at a concert lmfao her social life is more active than mine), my brother is returning home to China tomorrow night and my dad will be leaving for China too right before I come back from snow. In one fell swoop I will have lost my noisy wonderful family and return home to my (equally noisy and wonderful) mother haha.

I am homesick already. And there's Nick, waiting for me outside - Laters, pumpkins! Stay safe. X P.S. Today Octo (most of us, anyway!) all came together in a very spontaneous yumcha date. I have never been so grateful to see them, and I cherish so much how natural it feels to be with them. I am so lucky!

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