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Today was Sunsun's surprise birthday party!!!!! Which is why I couldn't mention it in my last last post's list of things to do HEHE. We were all crazy nervous for it, everyone was all over the place and trying to come together at the last minute - and it did! WOO *throws streamers and glitter and literally there was like a glitter gun that Kim brought which she shot at Sunny's face when he walked into the house*

Anyway today Nickckckcky arrived in the afternoon and we headed out to Hurstville to run errands (i.e. buy Sunsun's present (a George Foreman ahaha) and also talk to ze travel agent to ask about Melbourne. (Turns out deals online are cheaper than what she can offer.) Oh and I also sampled Hungry Jacks' new thick cut chips which were friggin great tyvm. Aaaaand then we walked to Myer and around Toys'R'Us and Qin called us and Terry and Qin and N and I headed to Chatswood to pick up Sunny's Ben & Jerrys cake! And there was an unprecedented amount of traffic tonight hmm. Probably something to do with Vivid maybe? Anyway mmmmm yes. Went and got the cake and came back and got Lynn and high-tailed it to Sunny's house whose parents had left the key for us to get into :3.

From then on it was just a mass of everyone trying to coordinate this HAHA. We didn't have much time left, but Sunny's sister Tanya was so helpful! So, basically Sunny and his family headed off to dinner at North Strathfield at around 6 and said they'd get back around 8, which left us a small window for us to head to his house and set up. TURNS OUT they left earlier than planned and we got in later than planned so we basically only had like, half an hour or 45 mins for us to all congregate at Sunny's, get into position and surprise the shit out of him when he came home. AND WE DID HIS REACTION WAS SO GREAT LOL HE LIKE OPENED THE DOOR AND WE ALL YELLED "SURPRISE!!" AND THREW GLITTER AND POPPED POPPERS AT HIM AND HE LITERALLY LIKE PRACTICALLY CLOSED THE DOOR AGAIN HAHAHA. Aaaahhh omg it was the first time we'd gotten everyone together in a loonnggg time so naturally food, cake and photos ensued ^_^.

We headed back out to watch Fast and Furious 6 (lost my shit a few times. The plot twists fuarrr) and everyone headed back home after that. It was a good night though.. The first time in a long time we'd all had the whole gang together ♥. I am happy ^.^

Anyway, laters human beings! Much love MWA!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo I hope y'all have a wonderful long weekend! (Well here in Straya it's a long weekend celebrating who is technically our head ruler The English Queen. There have apparently been movements in both major political parties though to change this and make Australia officially and truly independent - not that that has anything to do with the Queen's birthday but y'know!)

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