23, Sydney AU


5:00 PM
Friday 7 June 2013


This is all I long for
(It's the deadline for my last assignment haha)

9am: Go to dental practice & do interview
9:45am: Get back home (buy strawberries! and eggs), eat breakfast, sit the fuck down and write
5pm: Submit 3b)
5:01pm: Peer review dat shit oh yes
5:06pm: YOLO (i.e. go pick up Qin and eat dinner out and come back for froyo holy fuck yes)

11pm: Do 2 reflection blogs cmon gurl. OH. Update resume plz

12pm: Neekeh comes over (was gonna make a dirty joke but who wants to read that hahaha) Buy Sunny's present etc, go Ikea?, eat yay :)

Sunday — Gym, chill the fuck out (compile lists of things to do/eat/read/watch), Reflection blogs due midnight tonight!, check for shifts

Monday — Public Holiday! Go visit Nicky (sorry bb the nickname [ha] has stuck), PANCAKES AT THE ROCKS WITH MY BABY (i.e. Colline), generally have fun as per uze

Tuesday — Go to court, eat with Em♡, file court assignment, and then oh sweet jesus figure out a way to deal with the fact that the blissful two months of freedom hath officially begun

Wednesday — BEGIN YOLO. Jokez. Gym, eat, work (hopefully)

Monday June 24 — Q finishes her very last Finals exam for Sem1. Buy cafe breakfast, nacho and waffle ingredients, go to her house, get comfeh and Game of Thrones marathon all day baby. Even though this is more than three weeks away it merits its own date because we have planned this out to the minute. Q finishes uni at 12pm so she'll drive back to Hurstville Station Coles where I'll be waiting at 12:45pm. We are going to go FOOD SHOPPING MMMM YEAH and then drive back to her house, prep and cook the food and watch Game of Thrones aall dayyyy and it gon be purfect. We were talking about this at like 3:30am last night/this morning and I swearrrr to god it was like some sort of food foreplay the way we were talking about it. Think about it - for our dessert, melted chocolate drizzled over Sara Lee vanilla icecream, fresh strawberries and chocolate chip belgium waffles. I can't even. BV can gtfo LOOOOOL ;).

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