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I have been trying to think of a super awesome inspiring funky title for this project but I really really can't soooo 'The Writing Project' it is.

I have no idea how I got this idea but I derno - I think I was surrounding myself with a lot of thoughts and ideas when it was getting to the crunch time in Semester 1 and everything was really inspiring to me, even though I was stressed as heck. I realised that there were waaaaaaay too many things I didn't know and really need to learn about very quickly, so I came up with the idea of asking my readers to suggest topics for me to write about. This is going to give me ideas and areas of research for me to explore and delve into, and hopefully I will learn more and formulate my own thoughts and opinions as a result. (I aim for this project to synthesise as much as I can - my research skills, critical thinking, articulation, expression of ideas. Also engaging my blog readers more. Y'all are a quiet bunch aye)

WELL I'M GLAD YOU ASKED! Right now I know my knowledge has massive gaping holes when it comes to things like world history, politics, international relations, war, education, poverty, and even the Australian government parties. These are just some off the top of my head, though, there are SOO many things I want to learn. (I want to learn everything, pretty much.) If you think about it, I'm already interested in photography, in the media industry (particularly journalism, of course, but lately the film industry ish) (but mostly journalism ahehh), and also in fitness and nutrition (sort of). Other things, like sport and science and the economy, I know less of - but that's all the more reason to learn about it. These are SO broad.. I could go more in-depth but that'd take forever!

To start things off, I'll suggest a theme for the first few weeks(?) or so. You guys comment something specific for me to look into, or a question, and I dunno I'll pick one at random or something and then go off from there. SO, for example, if I decide I want to learn more about the Australian Government. So basically that leaves the horizon wide open for you guys to hopefully think of a question or an area for me to explore. Example question would beeee.. the Government and its relationship with the media or something LOLOL. (Wow this is a terrible suggestion.) Also, I want you guys to be as specific as you can in terms of what you want out of me! Do you want me to be vague and broad and just a general overview? Do you want me to cover a very particular area or a direct question? Whatever you suggest should also be something that YOU should already be interested in & want to know, learn and read about too!!!
Anyway, so once I've gotten enough suggestions (after I announce the week's theme, I'll give you guys three days to give me topic ideas or topic questions) and then I'll pick one and for the next three days I'll do research and then write a couple of paragraphs on it - somewhere between 300 - 500 words. And then I'll publish it on this blog here and hopefully you guys can give me scathing yet constructive criticism!! LOL

Okay guys!!! Go go go!! This week there is no topic because I just want to hear all your suggestions and ideas ^_____^ Y'all have til the midnight of Saturday the 15 of June to suggest things to me! (I'd love to hear your thoughts. Are there any improvements I can make on this project idea? Is it shit, should I scrap it entirely? EVEN IF IT'S ABUSE, COME AT ME WITH YOUR WORDS PPL HAHA)

Wow wtf I hope this works out. This'll be so so so sad if I try to get this happening and no one comments LOOOOOL.

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