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The last few days have seen me staying at home all day just eating and/or slouching in bed and/or searching for more cafes/restaurants to visit in Melbourne (AS IF THE LIST WASN'T LONG ENOUGH). In a spontaneous decision by N and his friends to visit the Star two nights ago, they picked me up at 11:30pm where I bought N bought me a $17 drink to which I drank half and promptly felt sick and nauseous after first feeling very warm but hardly tipsy. For those who don't know, I don't drink a lot because I can't drink a lot (and also because I pride myself with not having to put calorie-loaden poison in my body in order to have fun). // NOTE: THE REST OF THIS PARAGRAPH HAS BEEN REMOVED BECAUSE ON SECOND THOUGHT JESSICA DIDN'T THINK IT WAS THE SAFEST IDEA TO ILLUSTRATE EXACTLY HOW MUCH OF A LIGHTWEIGHT SHE IS. Moving on

The 'Fruit Tingle'; otherwise known as My Specific Brand Of Death In A Cup

Before and After Asian Flush. You can claim that it's the lighting all you want but I know the truth

John Wilde and Nickybubz (HAHAH oh god I make him sound so gay soz)

Pauls Burgers with Tez, Q and Damo after a yoga class at ze gym day before yesterday :3. HNNNNG YOGA FELT SAH GOOOOOD!

Rare double-date facetiming (wtf) HAHA. Ooooh also have I mentioned N's nationality before??? HAHA when people meet him for the first time everyone tries to wildly guess his nationality but they almost always get it wrong.. Go on, have a go :P

Super late brunch (so.. lunch) that included the following: steak, chicken, salad, eggs, bacon, haloumi(!!), smoked cheddar cheese, turkish bread, home-made aoili sauce that was way too airy, thin and sour (my bad). Oh and a ferocious dog from hell. So we made this 'brunch' at Pat's house aaaand he has a very fiery little dog called Patch (aha). Anyway, it doesn't like strangers and it bites and it growls for NO FUCKING REASON LIKE FOR EXAMPLE WHEN YOU FUCKING GO OUTSIDE. It also seems to have it in for me, particularly, because I'm sort of new to the group and he's not used to me so he LITERALLY JUST FUCKING STARED AT ME THE ENTIRE DAY. Anyway I had to come in and out the patio door because Pat was BBQing stuff outside and I was helping out with idk cutlery and shit and holy fuck the dog actually came out of fucking nowhere (like deadset nowhere - I knew how ferocious it was already so I was actually hovering around the door to see if the coast was clear. It was clear. LOL JOKES NEK FUCKING MINNIT IMMA BITE YOU YOU HARMLESS HUMAN BEING) aaaand yeah now I've got bite marks on my leg ahaha. Good times. Not. I think I have like a nervous twitch now.


(Oh and P.S. Those gorgeous chewy ball things are Dutch Pancakes from Dominoes. They're amazing go fucking try them oh my goddd.)

Pancakes On The Rocks again trollolol. Surpringly was not bloated after this meal wtf. (Oh right, disclaimer: I didn't eat all that ok Nick had like 70% of the pancakes) (But yes I cleaned out most of the pizza.)

My herpaderps

Here is a cute pic of me and Jess (yes her name is Jess too) and Pat (Jess' bf) (yes there's Pat & Jess and now Nick & Jess) staring happily and lovingly into our dutch pancakes while Pat looks creepy in the background ^_^

ALRIGHT GUYS LATERS! Goodnight my darlings sleep well, eat clean good food, exercise more often and work hard at something that makes you happy!! And as always, LEARN MORE THINGS and favourite my blog ;) MUCH LOVE! MWA P.S. It rained all of today. It was quite lovely actually.

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