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Eating with Rob & Q (we all ordered the same thing AHAHA), and my macaroon addiction only getting worse / late-night Pancakes at the Rocks with S & Q / fun times at work (with Super-priya my fave & Braydon who refused to take a photo with me!!! Hahaha) / PIZZA AT WORK ♡♡♡

Today I had a good day ^_^! Work went a little slowly but we picked up some pizza and had an extended break with the supervisors and everything hehe. (I'm such a derp wtf. I said such derp stuff and everyone laughed at me omg. Also someone on the phone told me I had a sexy voice and I was like whhhhattt the fuck m8 u have a kid.) Then I headed to city and NICK WAS ON THE SAME TRAIN !!!!!!! AND HE FOUND ME LOL COINCIDENCE?!?!?! AHAH. But yeah we headed to George St cinemas and watched The Great Gatsby but beforehand we ate at Umi Sushi Train mm haha. Probably didn't help my bad eating/carbs/bloating-ness that only got out of hand later in the evening after the movie when we went to Adria Bar & Grill (lurve dat place) and had Salt & Pepper Calamari that was sooo good.. But made me bloated. (I also had tea and like five macaroons though holy FUCK lol.) Honestly though.. Tonight hit a low for me. Like, over the last few months I've been gaining back some weight and tonight I was actually so uncomfortable. Not just physically uncomfortable but really uncomfortable with how I felt with myself, and being unhappy about the fact that I was uncomfortable with myself (uncomfort-ception). I've known for a few weeks now that I've been yolo-eating far too much lately and it's really hit home. I stopped gymming as much.. stopped cardioing.. started eating shit again and stopped even just incidental exercise (driving everywhere). No wonder I've gained like, three kilos. Gotta get back into it.

SERIOUSLY THOUGH ALL THINGS ASIDE, I'M SO FUCKING OBSESSED WITH MACAROONS RIGHT NOW LOL. I had some from Lindt and Guylian for the first time and I melted. Melted. Hnnnng. So good. All I want to eat for the rest of my life now. (Too bad I won't though!!, since now my standards for macarons have been thusly raised)

Skyping with my boos now ^.^ (Sun, Tez, Rick) Should sleep soon! Night! xoxo

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