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(They served the affogato properly, and with every bit of the extra icecream I asked for. Super happy!!)
I have trained my friends well. Everyone now knows not to touch their food when it comes until I have snapped a photo ^_^. Aren't my friends great? They deal with me even though I'm silly and irritating

Yesterday Qin finished her exams, I woke up/showered late so plans to dine at The Grounds of Alexandria were cancelled (also the weather was drizzly and uninviting) so we ate at Carss Park Cafe & Grill instead, and finally dyed our hair (yay no more black regrowth for either of us!), shopped a little (and amusingly enough ended up only purchasing things from Supre wtf) (all girls know they have good basics!), and Q came over for half an hour before we went back out with Sunbun to try out Manmaruya's new BBQ restaurant in Beverly Hills. I was a little disappointed that they only offered BBQ options and didn't serve other things.. I really wanted tempura T.T" Hahaha

I hung out with my beautiful Insearch crew today - Gabe, Mona, Em and John! (There was a lot of laughing and waiting and eating and photos [oh the photos] and talking and attempted vines/video insta's that didn't make sense.) The original plan was to eat at Shibuya, a Japanese street cafe at the end of Chinatown that served every single dish for $3.50 (omfg), but it turns out they probably weren't doing so well after all since they'd closed down. And I knew that Home Thai - which was right around the corner - had gotten good very good reviews so we headed there instead!

We were all initially really impressed with the decor, the beautiful lighting that flooded in and the general attention to detail. As we spent longer there though it turns out that service was less than amazing - the waitress got our orders wrong like three times, and they didn't have non-spicy options. As a result, I almost cried (like literally - I was stupid enough to order a spicy dish and I cannot at all take chilli), and Gabe had the gallantry to swap dishes with me. (Thankyou!)

My green curry of death

My lovely refreshing matcha green tea. I am trying to drink less tea since I realised it might be making my teeth yellower.. But I saw the girls next to us with the teapot and I really couldn't resist!
Gorgeous Mona (not that you can tell) & Em, and Gabe and I. I am doing Gabe's trademark cheesy photo-ready pose but I just ended up looking like a man wtf. (Strongest asian eyes of ever)

And here is a snapshot of a fellow Gen Y doing what we do best. Ladies and gentlemen - we are the stereotype

It was such a 'bloody dreary' day today but to their credit Home Cafe & Thai still looked so cozy and wonderful (and it was!)

Cold Jess walking through 'Hobo Park' / Cuddly Jess picked up this little cutie when the bunch of us headed to Oliver Brown after we regained consciousness from our food comas at Home Thai only to get straight back into one. This little girl was eating melted chocolate and when I glanced at her I couldn't help but take photos of her smeared face and clothes. (Pretty sure this pic is breaking all kindsa laws right now but what can I say I'm a thug)

She was a little Eurasian girl with a Chinese mother who spoke rather broken English (but obviously enough to bag a white husband!). She told me her name was Bianca and she had another little one in a pram (who I'd mistaken for a boy) called Rosa. They were both adorable, and little Rosa had grey eyes (which I have heard are typical of Eurasian babies! Infamous blogger Xiaxue's super kawaii Eurasian bub has grey eyes!) I so want beautiful children AHAHA. :|" (no shiet yunz)

Post-gym selfie after an hour and a half of cardio (half an hour of treadmill and an hour of zumba.. Which doesn't reeeaally count), and me now. Papa yunz is super into this teen drama wtf even. I am very proud to say that as a teen I never really got into the asian drama thing or kpop, either. Celebrities in general, actually. I've found that I usually tend to fangirl over a different sort of 'celebrity' - less Hollywood, more YouTuber or comedians or sexy-ass journalists like Hamish Maconald ahah

Been sitting here still in my gym clothes on my messy couch listening to J Cole's new album and blogging for a fucking hour or so what even the fuck is this what is WRONG WITH ME. Time to end this post!!!!! Laters gorgeous human beings!!!!!!! Think smart, eat clean, train hard!! ♡ P.S. Hi Emily congrats you made it into my blog you famous nao
P.P.S. Couch is messy on account of mama going to China. As a result, the laundry that she usually folds away gets dumped onto the couch and so we just pick our clothes from there. I know it seems super gross and unorganised but it works and IT'S ONLY FOR A FEW WEEKS HAHA. #irresponsible

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