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I've been really obsessed with pizza lately. I don't know what it is. Dad's been in a really good mood lately, too. I can't say I'm not happy. ♡♡♡

Sub-standard macaroons & killing legs day. Literally. It's been two days since legs day now and if anything I'm even more sore than yesterday WTF. Kept walking up and down stairs like I had a god damn limp.

Post-Chestday dinner with Q. We visited Mamma Barone in Mortdale and shared spaghetti and pizza, and then grabbed dessert afterwards. Mmph.

hi ^__^

Essen Cafe for a (very, very) late Brunch with N! Hahaha look at him isn't he a qt

Breakfast with The Lot and Steak Burger, also with The Lot NOMNOMNOM

Bellyrubs with Lilly ♡ hehe she's the sweetest dog ever omggggg. After Essen and driving around Campbelltown for a little bit we actually went back home and had a nap wtf. #sofhet

Pizza at Panarottis @ Macarthur Square!!! YUMMMMMMM Omg haha. I wish I could say I demolished the shit out of it but I ended up having to bring half of it home wtf.

Dessert at What The Fudge. Ended up not being able to fully finish my brownie dessert either.. And John and Nick kept commenting about how I ate (I have to cut everything up into small bite-sized pieces .__.) and so finally John just shoved the icecream and brownie into his mouth in one go. CAVEMEN


Thus concludes my days! So ready to eat clean tomorrow and drinks lots and lots of tea! Goodnight darlings! Here's to hoping I run all my errands and sort out all the things I need to!!!!

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