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Just watched a Four Corners documentary about Claymore, one of the lower socio-economic suburbs in Western Sydney. (In fact, the documentary has appeared to have made such an impact that Al Jazeera wrote a piece about it.) My heart breaks for these kids, these people and their circumstances, and it makes me angry that the Government appears to have neglected them after these seemingly grand plans to revamp their suburb.

Even though I watched it for a uni assignment (that I am last minuting AGAIN d u h), it's really reinforced the knowledge I already have about how little knowledge I have about everything, including the country I call my own home.

Just some background info: my assignment is to "prepare a response to a scenario-based brief. The scenario will present a professional opportunity for a multi-disciplinary team across the communication and cultural industries." Sounds like bullshit right? WELL IT IS. Anyway, my brief is to think of a way to change the public perception of a disadvantaged suburb (am I being politically correct enough?? aculy is trying), and since my darling bf hails from the western suburbs himself I decided to pick something close to home. Uh, sort of.
So yeah. My assignment is pretty much to come up with a plan that improves Claymore's public perception of itself from within AND ALSO HAS TO TIE IN WITH journalism, blogging and the publishing industry. HAHAHA Fuck WISH ME LUCK YEAH.

Okay I have to start writing

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What the actual fuck is this assignment seriously

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Aculy is going to fail at this rate
Aculy doesn't care as much as you'd think

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Headache. Tired. Bloated. In every possible way, my body and my brain is protesting, and I am horrible for having abused it like this. I just want to sleep.

Things that interest me:

Selfies, comfy clothes, and apparently mimicry. かわいいですか?

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Fuck I haven't even written half of what I'm meant to write and already used up too much word count how the fuck do my problems reverse themselves so quickly


WOOPS haha realised I never updated this. WELL I gave up at around 6:47AM or something because my headache and concentration were just getting in the way of everything so I emailed my tutor and asked her for an extension (and by some miracle she granted it to me). So that way I got an extra 24 hours and finished it that night :).

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