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Does everyone want to travel? Many people usually talk about how much they want to go overseas and explore the world, have new experiences bla bla bla. I get that - me too, I want new experiences, I want to have my mind shifted and moved around, I want to mature and see things and be humbled by it all. Hmm. For me though, I've always been very comfortable where I am and who I'm with. For me, it's the people that make my adventure, not the location. I could be on a one month trip to the most beautiful locations on earth but I wouldn't enjoy them properly. Travelling with friends would get me excited, but I think the idea of travelling alone freaks me out. I would feel strange and foreign and un-grounded (??) and just generally like I don't belong. My family anchors me - they're my home, my sense of connection and identity. Papa Yunz pointed this out to me a few weeks ago and I understood a little bit more of the importance of family.

Interesting words for someone who's studying journalism, right? Haha. I think I am spoilt - spoilt by my great fortune. I am lazy and complacent where I am. Happy enough.

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