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I've had a pretty busy few days lately! Had my #NewsDay, and today I hit the gym with Q (and bumped into Sunny!) and we headed to Charlie Lovett. Then in a few hours, Q & I headed out to Strath and met up with my girls and took a few snaps ^_^

Free tea/coffee with every carwash at King George Rd's Crystal Carwash in Blakehurst! I got off work that day because of the blister on my lip (wtf). The lovely doctor prescribed me medicine - Phenergan - that makes me drowsy hahaha so that was just a whole day of errands and napping for me ^_~

iHerb stuff came! ♡ SO MANY DARK CHOCOLATE ALMONDS.................

Can't remember if I've talked about this before on my blog (I most likely have) but pretty much NewsDay is an assignment for us first year journo students. We turn up to uni and get given a topic or location to get to on the day. We have to go out immediately (or stay back for a little while and do some research before heading out) and pretty much know about our issue, interview people, come back to uni, write our stories and file it all in the one day. So .. pretty much what real journalists do on a regular basis! NewsDay is a source of very much nervousness for many a young journalism student. Luckily though we all survived. Someone even suggested we have these made:

Soooo that morning I got sent to the 7th Australian Women's Conference to listen in on a keynote speech commencing at 9am. I rushed out of the Bon Marche building at 8:48am and caught a cab straight to the bootiful location of Wentworth Hotel/'Sofitel'.

WHO'S YOUR GIRL!!! MEDIA UTS BABY! / They catered to the guests oommffg. Yes. Yes I accept. Free food wtf. (I didn't have any of these cupcakes though) (Just giving an example) /
Selfies in the lobby. I got caught by some guy walking past. Pretty sure he laughed at me /
The lovely lobby (this photo doesn't do it justice) /
Free lunch :3 /
Ugliest handwriting/10

Me holding S. Truong's friend's dog last night wtf. So fuckign cute I wanted to eat it/keep it forever + Grocery shopping with Q and her massive kale besider her hahaha. OH MY FUCKIGN GOD. RIVERWOOD WOOLWORTHS AND COLES WERE BOTH OUT OF HALOUMI FUCKING CHEESE. MATE I'M FUCKING TELLING YOU. HALOUMI IS A BIG FUCKING DEAL OKAY, IT'S NOT JUST ME /
Brought dry-ass protein cookies to keep me going through NewsDay, and today's Pineapple Frappe from Charlie Lovett! ♡ /
Q and my sandwiches nomnom /
Sunny's BBQ Meatlovers pizza. This photo is the biggest because it was the most aesthetic food we got sooo yeah /
CHOCOLATE ALMOND MILK WHAT THE FUUUCK + MOOCHI'S BEST CUSTOMER WHAT. Lol jokes bought it just for the pink bottle. Legit. This is how easily marketing wins me over. Fuck /
Waffles from MSM (人´∀`*)

Omfg okay I think that's all for tonight wtf. Such a dense post. GOODNIGHT LOVERS! HAVE A MOST WONDERFUL WEEKEND! XOXOXOXOXOXO

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