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Guyz, I'm in love.

Hamish Macdonald came to UTS today to promote the launch of his new series The Truth Is. Twitter - and the #UTSJournalism hashtag - went off. Watch the video below - I would describe to you in words what the new series is about but his video will encapsulate it much more succinctly than I ever will, in an appropriately televisual format ^_~ Ok Nevermind I decided it requires some more explaining HAHAHA anyway this is what The Truth Is is (aha):
Hamish says the series takes audiences to some of the most dangerous places on earth, aiming to challenge the conventional wisdom around some of the biggest issues of our time.

"Some of the themes focussed on during the series are: crime and punishment, nuclear disaster, returned soldiers with PTSD, mercenaries and more. Each episode is a journey or experience with a central character. The series is deliberately aimed at young Australians who enjoy programs like the Project. We have used some new technology in making this series and have delivered a program which is substantially different from other factual programs on Australian television," he says.
Essentially, it's a fresh contemporary and very active take on a current affairs program: Hamish goes to the location himself and pretty much just does some exploring and digging and takes us (i.e. his cameracrew) with him!

So he's been circulating a few universities (okay, so so far I've only heard of USYD and UTS) and speaking to journalism/comms students to launch his new show. And I can honestly say he's doing a fabulous job of it. We all collectively lost our shit at approximately 1pm this afternoon. I myself, in a very, very literal sense, engaged my Super-stalk mode.

Jessica Yun (@jesthh): A Twitter Journey

See? I wasn't lying. Super-Stalker mode.

It doesn't get better...

And just so I could show the rest of my followers that I wasn't some insane crazy person (although it could be argued that that was too late), I retweeted some of my fellow classmates that were also announcing Hamish's arrival:

All day err day integrating #TheTruthIs into regular tweets thereafter.

And the man himself was tweeting during the sneak peek screening!

He really had nothing to worry about. From the first ten seconds, the floodgates were opened - I didn't understand how people in the lecture room could've been watching the preview and tweeting so comprehensively at the same time. So I summed it up nicely ..


Why Anika why do you have a problem with this I don't see it

#truth. Starting to really get into the preview now..

Second retweet. Dead. I think I announced this news perhaps a little too loudly, and one of my classmates heard me..

HAHAHAAAA fuark. No apologies you will find from me doe. At this point the preview is done and The Man is talking.. And we discover he has a potty mouth!!!!!!!

But whatevs, I'm still mirin hard ;)

More pottymouthedness (and some embarrassment on my part)

And unfortunately that concluded his short little one hour stay at UTS :(...

And thus ensues a mad dash to get closer to the superstar in our midst:

If it was almost any other person I usually wouldn't care - I would just skip the mob entirely and just head to class. But it's Hamish Macdonald and he's pretty and smart and clever so I stay and wait my turn for photos because I can be patient if I want to be!!! ... AND I GET THE PHOTO! In fact, my adorable lecturer couldn't figure out how to take photos on the iPad in time so Hamish got out his own phone and said "We'll take a selfie.".

Ok I really truly really have died at this point


Seriously, guys, I'm in love. (Also the other girl in the photo, I don't know her, she literally just slipped in in the last second lolol. Shamelessly cropped her out.)

(P.S. Haha, so going to regret this crazy fangirling blogpost when I'm older(/tomorrow). I do want to say however that I'm proud of who I idolise. I love Hamish Macdonald because of his achievements at such a young age, the work he's done for Al Jazeera and Channel 10 news, and the beautiful preview us lucky lucky UTSJourno kids caught of his new series. I meant every word - it WAS beautifully produced and wonderfully put together. He's bringing the world to his world, with all his personal touches that he adds to everything he does. Despite all my crazyfangirlness, I'm proud of who I crazy fangirl over.)
(Also proud I managed to write that paragraph without pointing out specific people either hahaha I have a list in my head right now that I could just fire off.. But I won't)
(Also is there some fucking award for super-regularly updating blogs because I deserve one)

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