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Does anyone even come here for the words anymore wtf

Yesterday's post-gym (bumped into Sunny AGAIN. He stayed at the gym for like two hours oh mah god) meal @ Foodies :3. Eggs Royale + fruit frappe, and a mini jam that Q purchased from the deli next door

I worked all day with this cutie today! (We swapped jackets) So I showed Q both of these photos. This is what she said: "Nick is swag you is fag." #true

I made reservations at Omeros on the Beach for Mother's Day tonight, so that's one thing I can cross off my list of places to eat at! I should've made it for lunch though - the wonderful glass windows would've made the restaurant light, airy and beautiful and set a beautiful atmosphere for lunch. We had a dark starry sky instead, with the lights of Sydney airport across the water - Papa Yunz spent the entire night excitedly noting the aeroplanes that flew in and out (which were quite literally every minute, by the way).

In my own over-eagerness I ordered an affogato which I should've saved til after dinner. They did it right though ^_~

~ Starters ~

Spinach & ricotta pie with Greek salad / Seared scallops with asparagus & green peppercorn beurre blanc (I can very honestly tell you I have no fucking idea what beurre blanc is. But fuck yeah pretentious sounding food names) / Tempura prawns with truffle mayonnaise (mine. so yum mmph)

~ Mains ~

Garlic prawns in a light garlic & mushroom sauce on a bed of rice (lies. It was essentially a risotto o.o") / Slow cooked lamb on mash with green beans and rosemary jus / Grilled barramundi fillet on vegetable ribbons with lemon butter sauce (MUST LEARN HOW TO MAKE LEMON BUTTER SAUCE)

~ Desserts ~

Chocolate tart with cream & berry compote / Vanilla bean pannacotta with fresh fruit & cointreau lime syrup (again, what the fuck) / Apple pie with king island cream (just tasted like normal fucking regular cream to me tbhhhhh)

(Since I think this post isn't douchey enough, I'm also going to try my hand at food-blogging)
I personally thought the food was very average - I had better at Olivo with N for our 1 month and I thought that was a fairly humble, honest little establishment on the Harbourside. One goes to Omeros on the Beach mostly for the view and the dining-at-waterfront experience rather than cuisine. The interior was not very impressive (we almost got seated at the terrace which would've dampened my ENTIRE night but luckily we got moved back inside to the main room) despite its good location. I guess now I seem like I'm just picking at little things but I didn't think much of its entrance either hmm. (I blame this sort of nitpicking entirely on my father who is quite into feng shui and has infected me with his need for big open, welcoming doorways)

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY MAMA! I love you, and thankyou for pouring all your heart/soul/mind/body/life into me. I owe you everything. ♡

P.S. My dad and I are fucking cute don't even deny

Papa Yunz is leaving for China again this Friday - just for a week - and he's going to be seeing my baby sister (who I STILL haven't met yet wtf). In fact, I have barely even seen photos of her - every time dad goes to China I always tell him to come back with photos for me but he never does. (Apparently, I found out tonight, she is unwilling to have her photo taken. Blasphemy. If she's going to be my sister dats gna have to change) So he promised me this time he would! And while we were at it, daddy said "let me take a photo of you to show her." So we did - he took photos of me smiling hahahaha (and actually told me to reduce my smile wtf.) and then papa asked mama to take a photo of he and I and so she did and oh my god I am his daughter through and through can't you tell!!! Ahahaha

N said I am the perfect mix of my mother and my father. I wouldn't have it any other way ^_~

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