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Wtf blogging so much now that I have an app on my iPhone that edits my photos so quickly omg. How do I ever get any study done. (I don't.) (Especially since Qin has slept over the last few days as well LOLLLL. And she's watching me blog right now which makes me a bit nervous)

Derp face at 7am in the morning in my way to Gosford the other morning / up to at least 30 readers on my blog last night!!!!! LOL #gay (this photo is delayed)

Skyping with Sunsun because why not / wearing my UTS hoodie to UNSW cause I'm a dangerous cunt and my hair which is half my height which makes me look like a certified oompa loompa

Cafe Neptune at Brighton with Q after I followed her to uni ?____?. Wow we ate so fucking much.

Brunch, "mogatto", and we had the idiocy to get pancakes as well. Never again.......... But at least their serving sizes were satisfying :3


Herp derp. Very quick Skype sesh with N before I napped for two hours. Not sure if fat and lazy orrrr.. lol

Not lazy, just fat. We were bothered to go out for this wtf. (Qin is sleeping over again tonight w0000)

OKAY LOL GOODNIGHT EVERYONE!!! Remember to stay happy and have fun and eat clean and don't live this lifestyle /__\"

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