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I am utterly convinced that I am the most fortunate child ever. I have everything I ask for and much, much more. I can only hope that I can give as much love and do as much good as I get every single day of my life.

(In other words, mini road trip to Gosford for uni assignment research was a resounding success and now I am in a very good mood. Just to quickly recap: this whole trip is for our uni assignment where we have to write a news article in a surburb that our tutor assigns us. So, a bunch of us got Gosford, and a few of us decided to go as a group together~!)

Typical me. We were supposed to meet up at Jo's place at 7am and of course I arrive half an hour late. This was her beautiful street that overlooked the water! She lives in Glebe and it is beautiful.

Sunny drive to Gosford during peak hour traffic.. Which turned out to be quite fast!! We thought it'd be much longer

We sat to have coffee and brunch and to sort out or agenda for the day. Our plan was to pretty much ask around shops, businesses, the council and the police to just get a feel for Gosford as a suburb :).
As the day wore on, we found that we had actually obtained quite a lot of information in a short amount of time!! Talk about productive - and all before midday. It was really convenient that everything was super close by.
Personally, I liked being in Gosford, because it generally holds fond memories for me :3. (We came down for half a day during our beach house trip to eat at a buffet that Annagays kept talking about wtf.)

We visited a sailing club as part of our research and it was on the waterfront, so we couldn't resist taking some silly photos heheh

After some solid, solid work - we'd all felt mentally ready for a break by this time - we had lunch.. at the exact same place that my beach house crew & I ate at last time!! :D #nofknregrets

Back to work, bla bla bla, same drill. Mostly walking around, talking to the council and vox popping some locals on the street too. Most people were very, very friendly, although we got some people who looked a little intimidating to approach. Not to mention Gosford is a bit empty .__."

Another coffee break. I introduced my new friend Tangy to the wonders of the affogato. (Overall though, not too satisfied with Gosford food, methinks. If anyone has any suggestions though, do let me know. I was talking about the problems with the two affogats[!] that I had had today when I realised that I had become a coffee snob wtf. I don't even drink most coffee - only ever mochas or affogatos - so I am a particularly ignorant, wanna-be sort of coffee snob. Which is the worst kind)

We eventually found dinner at "Hotel Gosford". Their food wasn't mindblowingly good but surprisingly better than I expected. And of course their staff were impeccable!! We couldn't over how lovely everyone was!!

(I wanted an apple pie as well but I resisted in the end. No one was there to half with me SIGHZ. Qin where r u when I need ya)

Headed back up Mann Street to attend that night's council meeting ^.^
Super sneaky shot of the council before the proceedings haha

We all piled in as a fairly big bunch - as big as you get in Gosford, anyway - and so of course when we walked in the councillors turned around and took notice. They asked if we were students and we explained to them that we were just searching for ideas to write for our uni assignment - and they very very kindly arranged for us to talk directly to them after the official council meeting!!!!!!!!!!! People don't get much nicer than this you guyz!!!!

So we asked our questions and turns out the Mayor of Gosford is the coolest human being on earth. He let us into his office..

And responded so well to our silliness and energy. Forever grateful ♥ ♥ ♥

The group I went to Gosford with were such a crazy bunch as well!!!! They were actually all so hilarious (especially Jo and Gabbi HAHA) and compared to them I was actually quiet!!! (What even wtf?) So they just made the trip all the better. Not only was it very fun, but we worked as a cohesive group 100% of the time and we were all very communicative and cooperative with one another. I hate when in a group you have one bad person that drags you down and pulls down the momentum of the group but that wasn't the case at all!!

Highlights of the trip: unexplainable loud grunting from most/all members of my group; pumping loud pop music; "Hello, Mr. Gosford!"; being squashed aka scabbing other people's body warmth in the back seat (no one can say I am not resourceful/don't see the silver lining in everything); meh food; wild cackling laugh by all members of our group; MACKLEMORE; and Gabbi who totally came out of her shell after lunch :p
So on behalf of the first year #UTSjournalism students of 2013, thankyou Gosford for showing us a (mostly) good time!!!!! ;) kisses HEHEHE
P.S. Bonus photo since I didn't really blog about dinner at Ironchef on Saturday:

There you go bubbles now you are famous! :* ^w^

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