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Quick photopost for y'all cause I know you guys are my rabid paparazzi glued to the computer waiting for my next post and whatnot #derp #no #delusionsofgrandeur

5:01 AM Um hey guys I guess the photopost ain't coming up right now - for the first time ever, instead of getting distracted by my work to go blog, I actually got distracted from blogging to (finally) do my work wtf. HAHA. Not a bad thing ;) I guess y'all are gonna have to wait for the next super exciting episode of Jessica Yun LOL. #moresarcasm #noreally?

Please wish me luck guys!! I need it! (I'm only just now getting stuck into what I need to do. This is fascinating, and I hope I can do this topic justice)

Kisses! xoxoxo

(P.S. I went to bible study today with a good friend from uni and it was an interesting experience. I still have too many unanswered questions though and aside from my beloved philosophy tutor, I don't have yet to meet someone who I believe has the capacity to understand what I mean [because my questions are themselves inchoate, going around speaking to people will be useless if they don't already have an idea of what I'm trying to ask, let alone give me an answer.] Wow I am so tired it is fucking past five a m goodnight motherfuckers mwa)

P.P.S. My new love #qanda is great. My journalism lecturer Jenna Price is also great. (How can one little being contain so much awesomeness??? She truly is an inspiration for me HAHA) And right now, even though I've just realised that my holidays aren't really going to be holidays after all but are more of an opportunity for me to catch up/get my shit done with uni work and I have that 2.5k assignment due in the next two days, I am happy. I am, in a sort of mild sleepy way right now, elated. Ecstatic that things have changed for the better in my life, ecstatic that I'm enjoying what I do, what I study - ecstatic that a few years ago the idea of consuming news was once repellent to me but now is something I realise I don't do nearly enough. I am blessed, truly, to be so rich - both in wealth and education and in Love. And for all of this, blessed to have all that He has given me. ♡

P.P.P.S. You know that feeling when, say, you're at a party and someone tells you they're going to leave and you're sad to see them go but you say all your goodbyes and expect them to be on their way? And then they just stick around anyway and it feels weird and a bit annoying and you don't know why they aren't leaving yet LOL? Ok that's how I feel about Formspring right now

[UPDATE 3/31/13 - Great news! We have a last-minute deal in the works that will help keep Formspring up. More details to follow in the coming week.]
Derp HAHAHA Are you going to stay or not wtf. I very briefly considered the idea of getting an ask.fm but realised no one would ask me any questions anyway wtf. AM I NOT INTERESTING GUYS? #NO #GO #TO #SLEEP #LOSER

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