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(Ok despite me saying I don't have time to blog I sure do have a lot of things to say.) I'm currently doing my reading/research for the literature review paper due in some 30 hours or so and one of the readings I'm incorporating in my paper is called "On the Road to Democracy: Egyptian bloggers and the Internet 2010" and I just really wanted to say that I was enjoying this so much.

It is 2:24AM, I slept at almost 6am yesterday morning, this subject itself has actually been pretty fucking dry but MAN THIS IS A GREAT READ. The chapter discusses the impact that blogging has had in Egypt and how blogging has allowed for some very serious political issues to be brought into the public and for people to finally express their thoughts and experiences. Urrgghghghgh I have so much more I want to say but I was just so compelled to blog about how exciting this was wtf!! And how self-referential it was at the same time haha. Here I am, a journalism student blogging about the convergence of journalism and blogging.. Heh. That's enough for me tonight. ;)

Kisses! :* I miss my friends!! But right now I am simply happy (again) about the fact that Uni is making me happy. Uni is making me happy. Something has either gone very very wrong or very very right.

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