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I am hungry - not literally (well, not right now, in any case). Hungry for new experiences, hungry for tomorrow, hungry for the rest of my life to unfold before me. I am hungry for love, I am hungry for happiness. And I do not starve - I am always satisfied, and sometimes I get so much more than I ask for that I am practically stuffed with it. I am hungry for pleasure, hungry for pain, hungry for whatever will help me grow as a person and make me happier.

I am hungry for life.. hungry for more. ♡

Lately my passion and love for food has burned more brightly than it has ever before! I spent the last few hours compiling a list of local cafes and restaurants that I want to dine at and BOY I DON'T REGRET IT A BIT. I'm so happy to have Q HEHE we are ever-willing food buddies. Literally. We will not say no to food it won't happen. LOL

Posting some food pics tomorrow! ^_^ Also back to uni tomorrow ERGGHH Wow kill me!!!!!! Goodnight my beautiful dreamers! xo

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