23, Sydney AU



Probably two weeks ago!! Chilling with my home dogz T, S & Q at Foodies ♥

Cramming derp

Nick bubbles' new transition Ray Bans ;) They are huge n so hipsterlooking LOL

Mac Square's What The Fudge :). Girl effed up our orders twice wtf

Sah many cows near Campbelltown it's so greennnnnnn

Typical development in my range of expressions

New filter app on iPhone!! Love it!!! LOL ♥

Lately I have been sleeping at odd hours, not exercised enough nor eaten clean enough wtf., raced through my favey Artemis Fowl book (Eternity Code!!!!!) and worked too much ..already T.T" Waahh!! Hahah #whingyjess

I have holidays (sorta) for two weeks now though!! I HOPE I AM PRODUCTIVE AND GET A LOT DONE!! Kisses to everyone!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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