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What is even a blog when your assignment is due in 48 hours. I don't know about y'all but from now on everyone should just assume that I'm unavailable for the four or five days or so leading up to an assignment deadline.

Anyway, Alice reminded me about the existence of my blog sooooooo I shall update as best as I can; I left my assignment too late (typical) (before we continue I should tell you what my assignment is about. Basically within the first month of beginning my Journalism course our teachers have thrown us in the deep end and assigned us to research and write own news story based on our suburb. Quite exciting, mostly terrifying. As my mentor said, "it's a steep learning curve" - I couldn't agree more. But that's what makes Journalism at UTS so great! ♥), spent my time watching clips of Big Bang Theory on YouTube instead of getting the fuck on with it, left aimless messages to my mentor about me not having any leads for my news story, finally struck gold when I rang up Hurstville Library and more or less asked them if anything was new rofl, arranged an interview with the Head Librarian for 9:30am the next day etc..

And today I went to the library again and basically conducted smaller interviews with library staff and members of the public to get their opinions. ERGH so aware right now that what I'm blogging is missing so many holes (tha faq am I even saying??) but I'm so distracted!! Maybe I should get on with my assignment hahaha. Much love! SEE Y'ALL MONDAY NIGHT! Hopefully I'll get around to uploading some pics hehehe :*

P.S. In other news, I DID manage to spend +$100 on groceries today. Uhhhhhhhhhhhh wow bye money

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