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Stressed. Said I wouldn't waste time or procrastinate this semester and here I am, trying to weave my way through uni, work, gym, eating well, sleeping enough, Nick, and having a social life (HAHAHA jokes) and trying to find time for myself (again, HAHAHA jokes). But in all honesty, this sort of deadened numbness I feel right now frightens me - because it's exactly what I felt last year when everything got to be too much. This is how I seem to cope. Nick said today (while we were watching Speed roflcakes) that when one faces danger we all have a Fight/Flight and Freeze reaction and I definitely think that mine is to freeze. I am too afraid to do the other two. (A choice is involved with them; to either fight, or to fly. Freezing is much easier.)

But somehow I still find time to blog trollolol. All I want to do is sleep my troubles away. But I must must must must must push on and hope that I will be kinder to my future self from now on.

Chilling with ny Caringbah homies Racheycakes and Slangshaw at UTS lawn :3, discovering a sweet little gem on the way from Market City to UTS gym, searching for appropriate bushwear attire/metrosexual singlets, and the best froyo topping from Campbelltown ever ever ever ever ever (holy fuck I can't even)

Emotionally, I feel like someone has beaten the breath from my solar plexus. Not sure if that makes sense, but I think I will simply tell myself that happiness is a choice, and that above everything, I am so incredibly blessed. I think it is this thought that gets me through most things.

Goodnight, pumpkins ♥

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