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I'm having a little difficulty finding the right words right now, so here is a (typically vain) photodiary of what's been up lately in JESSICA YUN'S SUPER EXCITING LIFE. (Sarcasm.)

No Reason Selfies

Been very self-conscious about my traps lately wtf wtf wtf. I don't even work shoulders -_- I think I have more testosterone than the average girl zZzzZzzzz

Food porn :)
Homemade grilled barramundi + salad + leftover pumpkin / dining with my babes (Q, Lynn, Anna) at Mamma's Pizza & Pasta Bar. DEFINITELY GOING AGAIN! Good cozy atmosphere, good service, delicious food for a great price and customisable dishes (I asked for added walnuts and spinach to this rockmelon and prosciutto salad, which Anna whinged about endlessly wtf. LOL)
BBQ Chicken pizza / Seafood pasta
Chicken marinara with mashed potato instead of chips / CHOCOLATE PARFAIT FROM CHANOMA. UHMMMMMM YEP DEFINITELY SATISFIED LOLLLL.

Insearch graduation with my cuties :* (minus Mona. CRY!!)

Might as well have been the only reason why I went I swear

This is my Minimal Effort I Can't Be Fucked For Tonight makeup face wtf. So so ceebs last night, the weather was getting me down so much :(

Turned out to be a good night anyway ;)

The next time I claim it only takes 10, 15 mins to blog, shoot me down because this took more than an hour wtf (editing, uploading, blogging etc). HEY IF I DIDN'T HAVE PHOTOS IT WOULDN'T TAKE THAT LONG OK.. (But then it wouldn't be much of a post)

I hope everyone has a wonderful easter! Much love! Kisses xoxoxo (and let me leave you with a cute photo of me and ma biffles. I love him hehe)

P.S. Tomorrow I'm doing the Optus RockCorps thing with 'work friends' ;) hahaha. OH MY GOD HOW DID I LET THEM TALK ME INTO IT WTF I HAVE TO BE AT LIVERPOOL BY 8:30 TOMORROW ON A SATURDAY MORNING. Whatevs hehe just keen to hang out with Colline and Niq :))) (and Samson too HAHAHA hello)

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