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proud of you

I downloaded Drake's album yesterday and it's all I've been listening to, so now Make Me Proud is stuck in my head. WOO DRIZZY I'M A BIT LATE TO THE PARTY BUT I LOVE YOU YAY :* LMAO

Finished my assignment!!!.. barely ergh. I can't believe how late I left it!!! Never ever ever ever ever ever again!! Motivated to work now!!!! The adrenaline that was pumping through me LOL, check out my tweets - I literally counted down to the deadline on my Twitter and made Shawn nervous too HAHAHA.
After that did my peer review for another student, read my own peer review (not too bad - quietly confident that I'll at least scrape a pass now, even though I know there were so many things I could've done better if I hadn't have wasted so much time) and did not much else for the rest of the day other than think about the fact that I hadn't exercised haha :$. Sooooo randomly I asked Lynn to come out for a run with me and she did come!! Yay!!

Post-run, coming home to demolish almost half a honeydew WTF. So many carbs today.. But they were mostly good carbs I guess UGH (had some white rice for lunch, wholemeal pasta for dinner, fruit at night!??!?)

Now that the assignment's out of the way (for now), I'm all relaxed and happy and excited for life again! Ok my hair is really disgusting so I'm gonna go shower and get back into bed and snuggle and watch the movie I'm meant to have already seen by tomorrow's lecture haha :$ HOPE I'M NOT LATE TO THAT! Much love pumpkins!!!!! xxxxoooooxoxooxoxoxoxxo
P.S. My friends are so cute!!! Hehehehehe (Nick is ok too I GUESS SIGHHHHZ)

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